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Visualize Project Timelines

Create timelines for any event; track and analyze your team’s projects and tasks from start to finish.

  • Visualize your entire project on a single canvas
  • Real-time collaboration for planning and feedback
  • Style and customize Gantt charts easily
Gantt Chart Maker
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How to make a Gantt Chart?


Align Efforts and Keep Projects on Track

Align Efforts and Keep Projects on Track
  • Build a working project plan by drawing it!

  • Drag-and-drop items to organize, actual tasks are updated automatically.

  • Combine with Kanban boards, priority grids or brainstorming tools to stay synced.

  • Add notes and attachments to tasks and milestones for additional context.

Align Efforts and Keep Projects on Track
Visualize Your Project - Your Way

Visualize Your Project - Your Way

Visualize Your Project - Your Way
  • Build presentation-ready project timelines by styling and arranging Gantt chart contents.

  • Use professional templates and designs to build timelines or roadmaps the way you want.

  • Build snapshots of project schedules while keeping in sync with the main project timeline.


Supercharge Meetings and Make Collective Decisions

Supercharge Meetings and Make Collective Decisions
  • With real-time collaboration features, you’ll feel like you’re in the same room with your team.

  • Share, review and edit with clients and stakeholders using multiple access and role levels.

  • Collaborate on a shared canvas during meetings with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom or Google Meet natively.

  • Keep track of changes or branch out from an earlier version with full version history.

Supercharge Meetings and Make Collective Decisions
Faster, Smarter and More Transparent

Faster, Smarter and More Transparent

Faster, Smarter and More Transparent
  • Assign responsibilities, track progress and build workflows to action project plans.

  • Publish, present, print, or share by exporting as SVGs, PDFs and PNGs.

  • Connect to your favorite tools with Creately plugins for Slack, Google Workspace, Confluence, and more.

What is a Gantt Chart?

What is a Gantt Chart?

A Gantt chart is an effective visual tool used in project management that graphically displays planned or scheduled projects, duration, tasks, stages of completion, deadlines, connections between projects and project owners. This tool represents these elements in the form of a chart, which can help track the progress of projects and simplify the project management process.

How to Create and Collaborate with Creately’s Online Gantt Chart Maker?

  1. Start planning the project Gantt chart

To start planning your project Gantt chart, first define the project scope including goals, objectives, and deliverables with your team. Brainstorm and discuss using Creately’s whiteboarding tools and collaboration facilities. This allows everyone to have a clear understanding of the project timeline, the tasks that need to be completed, who is responsible for each task, and the status of the project.

  1. Continue brainstorming

Continue brainstorming and prioritizing by breaking the project goals, objectives and deliverables into smaller, more manageable tasks with your teammates. For this you can also opt to create a work breakdown structure (WBS).

  1. Identify dependencies between the tasks and activities

This can help teams to make more informed decisions on how to manage the project. Gather all information and resources related to the relevant tasks. Gantt charts are useful in identifying and resolving conflicts or dependencies between tasks. If there are two tasks that are dependent on each other, the team can identify how they are related and how they will impact each other. For example, certain tasks may need to be completed before others can start.

  1. Figure out the timeline

Figure out how long it would take to complete each task before deciding on the project deadline, the milestones and the dependent factors.

Use the Gantt chart to identify potential issues and delays well in advance to avoid any lasting or delayed impacts to the project.

  1. Bring all information together

Now you can create the Gantt chart. Use a template from Creately’s collection or create your own with tables, smart shapes, and color schemes based on your project requirements.

Draw a horizontal timeline based on the duration of the project. Create a column on the left to enter all tasks and include another column to enter the duration of each task. Generate an information key to easily identify all symbols on the Gantt chart.

  1. Assign tasks and track progress

Assign tasks to each team member and start tracking the progress. Use smart notifications to see changes to the workspace and give permission to teammates to update project information.

  1. Review and have regular meetups

As the project progresses, make sure to review the workspace regularly. Highlight completed tasks and look into any potential delays or issues. Ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the project is moving forward as planned.

Have regular meetings to discuss progress right on the Creately platform. Encourage team members to share their feedback with Creately’s in-app collaborative features and in-line comments.

Create Your Gannt Chart Online with Editable Templates

High Level Project Timeline

High Level Project Timeline

Event Planning Timeline Template

Event Planning Timeline Template

Gantt Chart for a Contruction Project

Gantt Chart for a Contruction Project

Simple Gantt Chart for a Project Plan Template

Simple Gantt Chart for a Project Plan Template

FAQs About the Online Gantt Chart Maker in Creately

Can I create a free online Gantt chart maker in Creately?
Yes, you can sign up and try out Creately for free. For more information check out
Can I print or share the Gantt chart with my teammates?
Yes, you can easily print and share the Gantt chart. Simply save the Gantt chart as a PDF to print. To share, click on the ‘share’ button on the left hand corner of the workspace, insert email in the ‘invite collaborators’ section and click invite. To send a link to the workspace, copy the link in the embed panel and share.
What are the advantages of using an online Gantt chart maker?

Gantt charts are ideal to plan, schedule and monitor projects. It is also a great tool to plan and manage resources, ensuring that the resources in your project or organization are used optimally. Gantt charts can help project managers and team members to identify risks, task relationships and dependencies while improving transparency and integrity.

By using Creately to make your online Gantt chart, you can start quickly with readily available templates or create your own with powerful yet easy-to-use controls such as shapes, styles and colors. You can also easily assign tasks to team members via the task panel, track progress, import important documents or sets of data, connect to other tools and collaborate with your entire team in one workspace.

What are the most important elements of a Gantt chart?

When configuring a Gantt chart, usually the task names are listed along the y-axis while the project timeline is visualized on the x-axis. Here are the key elements that should be included in a basic Gannt chart.

  • Activities or list of tasks required to get the project done
  • Start and end dates of each task including the start and end dates of the entire project
  • The progress made of each task. Is the task pending, on track, delayed or completed?
  • The dependencies across the tasks
  • Dates of milestones within the project’s timeline
  • Critical path of the project
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