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  • Multiple Venn diagram templates
  • Fully customizable styling options to easily input information
  • Share with others, embed in any site, or export in multiple formats
Venn Diagram Maker
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How to make a Venn Diagram?


Easily Create Venn Diagrams

Easily Create Venn Diagrams
  • Create professional Venn diagrams with our extensive shape library.

  • Choose from over 1000+ industry-standard shapes to create detailed Venn diagrams.

  • Visualize multiple data sets and represent Venn diagrams in multiple ways.

Easily Create Venn Diagrams
Understand, Discuss, and Modify Together

Understand, Discuss, and Modify Together

Understand, Discuss, and Modify Together
  • Work closely with teams in real-time with live mouse tracking and whiteboarding.

  • Multiple access and role levels to streamline sharing, reviewing, and editing workspaces and folders.

  • Make suggestions and improve Venn diagrams together with in-line comments.


Share Across Multiple Platforms

Share Across Multiple Platforms
  • Publish, present, print, and share with multiple export options (SVGs, PNGs, JPEGs, and PDFs ).

  • Create presentation flows for multiple stakeholders with frames and other navigation features.

  • Multiple add-ons to easily embed the Venn diagram in Google/Microsoft documents, slides, and sheets.

Share Across Multiple Platforms
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What is a Venn Diagram?

What is a Venn Diagram?

Popularized by John Venn, Venn diagrams consist of circles that represent logical relationships between data. Venn diagrams are widely used by academic professionals to educate logical relationships between data sets and probability.

Components of a Venn Diagram

Venn Diagrams

How to Create a Venn Diagram?

  1. Plan the timeline for the information gathering, analyzing, presentation, and sharing. Gather the information you need to capture to create a venn diagram. Make sure to collect the information within the planned time frame.

  2. Create a rough outline of the diagram by arranging the gathered information in chronological order. This step will also help you filter out the key details from the rest of the researched data.

  3. Pick a layout for your diagram. Creately has a wide range of industry’s favorite templates that you can pick to start quickly.

  4. With Creately, you can quickly style your venn diagram with preset color themes. While you can import images, clipart, gifs, logos, icons, etc. to customize your diagram, you can also use the built-in Google image search to find more images.

  5. Add important information right into the shapes and use them during the presentation via the data panel. Share your venn diagram with other key stakeholders or team members to gather their feedback with contextual comments on Creately.

  6. Once finalized, present it on Creately, embed it in any site, move to Google/Microsoft platform via add-ons, or download your Venn diagram as PNGs, SVGs, PDFs, and JPEGs with high quality.

How Can Teams Use Venn Diagrams?

Venn diagrams are a great way to share ideas and explore different perspectives in teams.
  1. Teams can use the Creately canvas to have brainstorming sessions where they can share thoughts and ideas and place them in appropriate sections of the Venn diagram.

  2. Teams can use these representations to clarify concepts, improve alignment and make better decisions together.

  3. These diagrams can be inserted into presentations and shared across the organization for easy reference.

Create Your Venn Diagram Online with Editable Templates

Venn Diagram Template

Venn Diagram Template

Venn Diagram Template

Venn Diagram Template

Venn Diagram Template

Venn Diagram Template

Venn Diagram Template

Venn Diagram Template

FAQs for Creately’s Venn Diagram Maker

Can I customize the text inside the Venn diagram?
Yes, you can add text, change font size, style and color simply by double clicking on the text box in the Venn diagram.
Can I create Venn diagrams with more than two circles?
Creately has multiple Venn diagram templates that have various styles and multiple circles. You can choose the template that best suits your needs or add circles and other shapes by dragging and dropping them from the shape library.
Can I collaborate on Venn diagrams?
Yes, Creately comes with real-time mouse tracking and synced previews so you and your team can use the same canvas while creating Venn diagrams and have discussions like you are in the same room.
How can I change the colors on my Venn diagram circles?
Creately comes with multiple customizable styling options. Simply click on the circle and access the quick toolbar to choose from a range of preset color options. You can also open the right side-bar to edit the exact color and opacity of your Venn diagram.
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Why Creately is a Better Tool for Creating Venn Diagrams?
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